Скакалки, веревки

Вышитые изделия

Вымпела, знамена, папки адресные, кепка капитанская, шевроны, вышивка канителью...

Штучные изделия

Аксельбанты, погоны, гамак, позументы

Швейные изделия

Рубашки, галстуки, этнические (вышиванки)

About us

The company was founded in 1991. Manufactures braided cords and accessories of uniforms. Large assortment of braid, frog, chevrons. Making a cut on the embroidery of your sketches, machine programming. Making any shoulder straps, including hand-embroidery and gold thread metanityu. Addressable Folders, gift straps.
Extensive experience of machine embroidery banners one leaf (embroidery table only in Ukraine this size).

Provided goods and services:

Braided rope for builders, climbers, boaters, and many others.

Currently: Defense, the Interior Ministry. SBU, The Cossacks, Prosecutors, and Rechnik sailors, hunters, and others.

Aiguillettes: Defense, the Interior Ministry. 

Key clients:  



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